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Protective overshoes for visitors

  • These disposable overshoes are ideal for avoiding the distribution of various pollutants .
  • Shoe covers are easy to put on and take off.
  • For added protection, also think about the accordion protection Charlotte or the round protection Charlotte.
  • To indicate the compulsory wearing of overshoes, use our Obligatory signs “Compulsory wearing of overshoes”.
  • This product helps limit the spread of many viruses and bacteria , responsible for more or less serious diseases: Ebola, seasonal flu, intestinal flu, gastroenteritis …
  • information , awareness of risk factors, and some simple protective measures are effective ways to reduce the transmission of many diseases in humans.
  • The protective equipment (mask, gloves, coveralls, etc.), if they are made available and accompanied by recommendations adapted to the situation, make it possible to limit the risk of a pandemic. Hygiene and disinfection of the hands, thanks to hydroalcoholic gel, are also an integral part of the procedures to be observed, in the event of direct contact (with a patient or biological secretions) or indirect (by the patient). intermediary of contaminated objects) in order to avoid the transmission of infectious agents.

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