MEDICAL mask – Type IIR pleats BFE 98% TIANRONG


1 Pack= 2000 pieces

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This disposable protective mask is non-sterile. Very efficient, it covers the mouth and nose, and is ideal for any medical examination

It is intended to trap the emanations of respiratory flows (saliva, secretions …) emitted by its wearer, while allowing it to breathe without difficulty.

Type II model, conforms to EN14683 . Ensures bacterial filtration efficiency greater than 98% .

Composed of 3 plies, it offers a excellent ease of breathing .

The fixation of this surgical mask is ensured by elastics (without latex) to pass behind the ears, which allows a fast and easy installation .

A long nose bar allows the mask to be perfectly adjusted and maintained and limits the formation of fogging (particularly important for wearers of glasses or during examination under a microscope).

Complies with EN14683, Type IIR BFE 98%
Unique size.
Available colors: blue.

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